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Orange Creamsicle Entremet

Orange you glad it’s almost Spring? # 292: Orange Creamsicle Entremet

Literally a slice of sunshine: tart orange curd, rich vanilla pastry cream and blood orange olive oil cake with orange zest.

This bake idea had me fumbling for a sticky note at midnight last week. I’m so glad I was able to read my in-the-dark handwriting in the morning! My almost-asleep brain loves figuring out how to make a dessert dream a reality without buying specific pans or acetate sheets. Though I have to admit I’ve been eyeing a roll of acetate for a while.. it would’ve prevented the wrinkly parchment paper marks on the pastry cream. The pillow marks of baking.

Creamsicle bars were never my top popsicle choice (obviously: no chocolate) but the combo of vanilla and orange makes an insanely good entremet.

Last time I attempted a free-standing entremet, I went a lil crazy with the gelatin in my blackberry mousse. I backed off a little this time and was really pleased with the texture. New gelatin policy: always lean towards less gelatin and more chilling time in the fridge. Waiting sucks but it’s better than a chewy slab of pastry cream!

I debated making a light fatless sponge, but the blood orange olive oil called my name.

Catch me over here with a tape measure trying to figure out the right size for a third of a cake recipe.

Technically any cake that just uses eggs to rise is considered a sponge cake. Olive oil cake is the densest/yummiest version I’ve met so far! Plus it doesn’t dry out as fast as a butter cake since oil is liquid at room temperature.

Happy bubbly batter.

Tiny cake achieved. I trimmed off the sides, top and bottom to get the right size for the entremet, which means I had plenty of scraps to make a tupperware trifle with the leftover curd and pastry cream. Huzzah! (Anyone else watch The Great? We’re finally watching the second season and I can’t stop saying it.)

Layer two, here we go! No you don’t see my sad little metal bowl that once took a joyride in the stand mixer. I never thought I’d run low enough on tiny bowls to have to use it, but three separate mise en place will get ya.

Like I said.

Cara Cara oranges taste like a grapefruit and orange had a baby and I’m here for it.

Two custard-like fillings on the stove at the same time = very few photos.

Neither recipe calls for gelatin, but I read through some other recipes to get an idea for how much to use: 3/4 teaspoon for a 4 egg batch of pastry cream or curd.

Assembly time! Taped on little parchment paper wallpaper for easy release later.

Number one…

Aaaaand number two! The mess is real.

While the layered beauty naps in the fridge, let’s dry out some orange slices like fancy bartenders. Required: more patience (ugh) and tongs to occasionally flip them in a low heat oven.

I’m *squealing* – it worked! She’s got her parchment paper pillow wrinkles from her fridge nap but we love her anyway.

Why did the orange lose the race? It ran out of juice!

Happy munching!

Gelatin proportions from:

Orange curd recipe from:

Olive oil cake recipe from: Desserts Illustrated by America’s Test Kitchen

One thought on “Orange Creamsicle Entremet

  1. This Orange Creamsicle Entremet looks absolutely amazing! The combination of flavors and textures is making my mouth water just reading about it. I can’t wait to try this recipe out and impress my friends and family. Thank you for sharing!

    ~ Vika

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