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Raspberry Amandine Tart

Almonds three ways: rich frangipane, crisp almond shortcrust, and toasty sliced almonds on top! # 287: Raspberry Amandine Tart

I started writing this post and got a faint feeling of deja vu. Turns out I’ve made a lot of frangipane tarts! I’ve accidentally proven that almonds go with just about any fruit: rhubarb, cherry, apple, apricot, and mixed stone fruit.

An amandine tart sounds like a French sibling to the Bakewell, but with the neon pink and white icing swapped out for a sprinkling of sliced almonds. You technically can call any sweet or savory dish an amandine if it’s topped with sliced almonds. Got plain chocolate pudding? Garnish with sliced almonds and now it’s a fancy and mysterious amandine pudding. Voila!

Also I’ve now typed almandine instead of amandine five times. Fun fact, apparently there’s a gemstone in the garnet family called almandine! You’re all set for your next bar trivia.

I took my almond flour straight from the freezer and it was less than pleased about it.

Sometimes you feel like hand mixing instead of stand mixing, ya know?

Getting closer…

There she is!

Want to see a magic trick? I’ll snap my fingers and this crust will jump into the pan. Ready? *snaps*

Just like magic! If your magic snap isn’t working today, deep breaths and a pastry scraper work just as well.

An even pastry edge is just so pleasing.

Never wasting extra crust in this kitchen, not when mini tartlets can be made!

The filling ingredients look so similar… what is happening. Mess with the proportions of flour to almond flour, add in almond extract and you get a whole new result! Baking is so cool! (Yes I heard how nerdy that sounded.)

Sand or almond flour?

Butter is always ready for its close-up.

Bring on the tart shell!

Did I strain the raspberry jam? Nope. Did anyone notice the little seeds? Hopefully not. There’s so many other good, distracting things going on in this tart!

Jam and almond tie dye.

I put it in the oven, turned around and saw the bowl of sliced almonds, untouched. Best laid plans. Catch me sprinkling almonds in oven mitts.


Here’s to many more frangipane tarts.

Happy munching!

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