Stone Fruit Gem Tart

A luscious frangipane studded with jewels of plum, pluot and nectarine. # 134: Stone Fruit Gem Tart

What do you do when you have a bowl full of almost-too-ripe stone fruit? You whip out your tart pan and get ready to (c)rumble. Just kidding, it doesn’t have a crumble topping at all, but I have to remember that one for fall when I make apple crumble.

Anywho, thanks to my friend Katie for the tart idea! I was thiiis close to copping out and chopping/freezing them for future smoothies, but she saved them from their icy fate.

What a great line-up.

Looks like plush cookie dough.

It was tiny bit to soft to press out without a parchment paper barrier. I reused the parchment paper that I had used to make chocolate chip cookies that morning – voila! Less waste.

Frangipane calls for almond flour, but I only had almond butter on hand. Luckily for me, it can be substituted 1 for 1! The baked texture was the tiniest bit more gooey but as long as you have a crisp tart shell holding it all in, you’ll have no issues slicing and serving.

Slicing super-ripe fruit off a pit is no joke. If anyone has any suggestions for a safer more efficient way to do it, let me know!

I still haven’t found the perfect tart shell that is consistent each time, but this one sure tasted good! It shrunk a tiny bit, despite freezing it prior to baking so the butter would melt slower during the baking process and hold it’s shape a little better.

The fruit was too ripe for perfect slices, so I went for an artsy alternating-color design. There are no mistakes in art, riight?

To hell with the design, layer as much fruit as you can get in the shell. Off to the oven!

The frangipane will be fluffy and pancake-like when it’s ready.

The walls of the castle, protecting the fruit jewels.

The best part about morning photo shoots are that you get to eat a piece for breakfast. It’s already sliced for the picture, so really you’re just cleaning up!

Lil bit of each fruit in each slice = success.

Happy munching!

Recipe mostly from: https://cooking.nytimes.com/recipes/1018300-plum-almond-tart

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