Mocha Soufflés

Heart-shaped clouds of chocolate and espresso. Happy Valentine’s Day! # 288: Mocha Soufflés

This bake feels very “full circle.” In 2017, I attempted and failed to make chocolate soufflés using ramekins I borrowed from my mom. And here I am six years later, successfully making chocolate soufflés in ramekins I borrowed from my mom!

I don’t know why the ramekin part of this story is important but I love a pattern so had to point it out. Unfortunately for my pantry space, I own a lot more ramekins now than I did in 2017. But when your mother offers you heart ramekins to borrow, the answer is always yes!

It’s also crazy that I haven’t had the urge to make soufflés again in the intervening years. Since my initial few attempts in 2017, I’ve learned a few things:

  • How to better interpret a recipe (more importantly, how to be skeptical of a recipe)
  • How to correctly use accent marks while typing (did you know that souffles without the accent on the “e” means “a low murmuring or blowing sound heard through a stethoscope?”)
  • How to take better photos (sort of)

I’m a sucker for all holidays, but I have to admit that Valentine’s / Galentine’s Day has never been top of my list. It is however, an excellent excuse to make pink or chocolate-heavy desserts and send cards to people you love. Almost every year (including this one) I forget to use those heart-shaped sprinkles that have what seems to be a permanent spot in my baking cabinet. Maybe I’ll make heart sprinkle cupcakes in July? You’ve been warned.

The bubbles in soufflés come from both parts of the egg. The yolks and sugar produce a foam that joins forces with the whipped egg whites and soars to new heights in the oven. While mine barely rose above the lip of the ramekin, I still got enough height to feel accomplished.

Bain-marie lusciousness.

Obsessed with this swirl.

But baking art is fleeting and I had to keep folding.

Fearlessly folding foam.

Buttered and sugared, yes please.

*Crosses fingers*

Three cheers for a oven door I can actually see through!

I was originally leaning towards chocolate and Grand Marnier, but Nathan is obsessed with all things mocha and he got two extra votes as both my valentine and my dish washer.

Happy munching!

Recipe from Desserts Illustrated: The Ultimate Guide to All Things Sweet 600+ Recipes (Cook’s Illustrated) by America’s Test Kitchen

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