Mascarpone Pumpkin Loaf

A snow-capped pumpkin mountain is exactly what October needed! # 231: Mascarpone Pumpkin Loaf

I’ve had this recipe bookmarked for so long, it feels like a miracle to finally make it! It was a promotional recipe from a Nordic Ware bundt pan ad, and I fell in love with the color contrast between the deep pumpkin filling and brilliant white glaze.

Not gonna lie, I was a little scared that the glaze would be beyond sweet in order to get it to be that thick. The glaze answer was magical and right up my alley: mascarpone. It’s the richer, less tangy Italian cousin of American cream cheese. While cream cheese typically has 55% butterfat, mascarpone has 75%! Home recipes for both differ only in the base: cream cheese starts with milk and mascarpone starts with heavy cream. Gotta love it.

Do you separate dairy products in your head? I have a category for “fancy” dairy and “regular” dairy. The distinction comes half from the price and half from the fact that I only buy them to make special recipes.

This week my fridge was filled with “fancy” dairy! Ricotta was rubbing shoulders with mascarpone, and a block of gruyere was being antisocial on the top shelf.

My fiancé has informed me that mascarpone whipped cream is his new favorite thing, and he’s petitioning to have the creamy cheese moved to the “regular” category. We had a tiny bit leftover from this recipe and I mixed it with honey and put it on top of pumpkin pancakes. *chef kiss*

If you’re patient (it was a struggle) and mix it for the full length of time, it’ll come together into a smooth, glossy sunshine-colored batter.

What is a pumpkin loaf without its spices?


It recommended painting on melted shortening to ensure the loaf comes out with the cute pattern intact. I’m sure butter would work just as well, but since I had shortening on hand and it does have a higher fat content, the recipe won.

Hello beautiful!

It came out in one piece with all its ridges, yay! Look at how thick this glaze is – I’m in awe.

Awww yeah.

It sets surprisingly quickly, so act fast if you want to add any garnishes!

So glamorous. Ready for my close-up!

Happy munching!

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