Pluot Spice Cake

Who needs scented candles when you can bake spice cakes? # 230: Pluot Spice Cake

This cake fits into the delightfully named category of snack cake. Not too sweet, but not completely savory either. All it wants is an overcast day and a cup of tea to be happy.

I keep accidentally typing “Pluto” instead of “pluot” while writing this! Unlike a certain dwarf planet, pluots are 75% plum and 25% apricot. How cool is that?

The cute lil slices of pluot were supposed to stay at the top in a pretty pattern but they didn’t get the memo.

The flour base has both rye and whole wheat, so I was guessing it would have a more complex flavor than a cake made with all-purpose. I went rogue and threw in some cinnamon, cardamom and nutmeg too!

Some recipes are so small it makes more sense to fold the batter by hand. It’s so satisfying to watch a batter come together.

I always try to guess what the inside of pluots and plums are going to look like, but they usually catch me by surprise. These deep purple skins were hiding sunshine!

Optimism (before the batter puffed up around them in the oven.)

Golden crispy edges. Yes, please!

Happy munching!

Recipe loosely based on:

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