Lemon Ricotta Cakes

These fluffy lemony cakes are mini loaves of happiness! # 232: Lemon Ricotta Cakes

Whatta line-up! This bake is continuing my theme of finally making a bookmark recipe a reality.

Benjamina (from GBBO, of course!) posted this recipe years ago and I immediately added it to my baking to-do list. They are so eye-catching that I teetered on the edge of making them so many times while scrolling through my bookmarks. But it’s finally happening – the thyme is right.

They make me want to breakout a teapot, some cloth napkins and a dainty fork. They deserve a real tea-time treatment! Bonus points for a fancy hat.

Lemon and ricotta are partners in culinary crime. They go hand-in-hand in both savory and sweet recipes; the bright acidity of the lemon elevating the rich creaminess of the cheese. Ooph now I want some lemon ricotta pancakes – be right back!

I typically associate thyme with thanksgiving and sausage cornbread stuffing (it’s almost stuffing season – YESSS.) In this context though, it helps add an extra layer of flavor that keeps the cake from being too sweet.

The recipe suggested rubbing the grated lemon zest into the sugar and I’m all here for it. Smells amazing and releases more of the lemon-scented oil from the zest.

Quick side note – doesn’t the sand at White Sands National Park look like shortbread dough before all the butter is rubbed in? I got to see it in person this week and couldn’t get over the texture!

Also got to hang out with the World’s Largest Pistachio. Casual.

Ok back to our regularly scheduled programming! Adding the ricotta will make the batter look split but I promise it’ll turn out great.

All tucked in for a nice oven nap.

Poof! Toasty golden on the edges and a lovely rounded top.

Yes this is the same recipe for mascarpone glaze as my last bake – couldn’t help myself, it was too good!

A sprig of fresh thyme on top because why not.

Happy munching!

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