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Blood Orange Chocolate Cake

Happy New Year! Luscious chocolate orange cake to close out a very eventful year. # 282: Blood Orange Chocolate Cake

I’ve unintentionally started a tradition of making chocolate cakes for New Years Eve – I checked and this is the third year running! Love an accidental tradition, especially when it involves chocolate.

Last year’s Malted Chocolate Cake was super decadent, and the previous year’s Blackberry Mascarpone Cake is one of my all-time favorites! This one felt a little nervous joining such an elite cake club, but she has nothing to worry about. She came out of the bundt pan completely intact, has a fluffy but rich crumb and rocks her blood orange icing like a diva.

This year has been crazy full! Of life events but also desserts, let’s be honest. We ended the year with a bit of chaos by deciding to move a week and half before Christmas. No, I don’t know how to relax, thanks for asking!

So this is not only the last bake of 2022, it’s the first bake in my new kitchen. Welcome to more counter space! I’m still working out the lighting situation, but a 48-hour rainstorm isn’t helping either.

Art deco pan coming in hot.

Spray oil, flour and cocoa powder: I dare this cake to get stuck.

I swapped out a quarter cup of melted butter for orange olive oil. Smells. So. Good.

Fun fact: the hot water (or hot coffee in some recipes) is a magic secret ingredient. Mixing hot water or coffee with cocoa powder allows it to “bloom.” In other words, it helps break down any lumps and sets the cocoa fat free, enhancing the chocolatey flavor.

I’m squealing with delight – the pattern turned out flawlessly!

This cake understood the assignment. It’s almost a shame to cover it in icing. Almost.

I know I should keep a fully stocked baking pantry, but those two little nubs in the bowl are the only white chocolate I had on hand. Luckily, I didn’t need much to make the icing shiny and thick!

I made it up as I went along, but start off with whatever white chocolate you have (mine was about 2oz I think), add half as much butter and melt them together. Then mix in powdered sugar and blood orange juice until you’ve reached the consistency and flavor you’re going for. Adding the powdered sugar in quickly after melting the chocolate and butter will help to reduce any lumps. (We’re almost unpacked but I couldn’t find any sifters or strainers. Sigh.)

Yes please.

Happy munching!

Cake recipe mostly from:

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