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Macaron Christmas Trees

Happy Winter Solstice! Rich mascarpone whipped cream swirled between layers of crisp macarons, and of course, gold sprinkles. # 281: Macaron Christmas Trees

Should I make an annual tradition of Christmas-tree-shaped bakes? Along with last year’s cheesecake Christmas trees, I’m on a roll!

Moving during the holiday baking rush is rough – I went to grab my new macaron book from Ginger Elizabeth Chocolates in Sacramento, aaaand it was packed in a box somewhere. Luckily the internet came to my rescue, but still. Next time!

I’ve had this design idea saved in my baking idea list for literal years and am so happy that I finally made it! I debated making a sturdier cookie, like a shortbread for the green layers, but it would have been completely different. The macarons manage to be both crisp and lusciously chewy at the same time, and eating them with a mound of mascarpone whipped cream just feels like just the right amount of decadent.

This tree is taller because its branches are filled with secrets. Or just one secret: these shiny sprinkles are actually breath mints. (I know, I know but they’re mostly sugar anyway!) Gotta love a dessert that brings it’s own after-dinner mints.

Twiddling my thumbs while my frozen egg whites and almond flour come to room temperature . . .

Sifting through the snow, in a one-horse open sleigh

Almond flour mountain, soon to be snow-capped with powdered sugar.

Egg white transformation in process, please hold.

Voila! Ready for it’s close up. Who knew the kitchen light made such a good spotlight?

Introducing two unlikely friends.

I really need to get some darker food coloring – imagine this lovely springtime hue is a tad darker and wintery.

Stencil time. Wait you guys, I just realized I used a Christmas tree pencil!! This was unplanned but I’m still going to take credit for my hand naturally gravitating towards on-theme tools.

While we wait for the tops to dry out and form a barrier to force the air bubbles out the bottom during baking, it’s mascarpone time! Sweet dreams, little macarons.

My fave stabilized whipped cream:

  • 300 ml heavy whipping cream
  • 87 g powdered sugar
  • 1 tsp vanilla
  • 226 g mascarpone cheese (one 8 oz tub)

Mascarpone is grumpy when cold (who isn’t?) so make sure to bring it to room temperature before whipping it with the cream.

Sigh, we didn’t get smooth tops. But we did get some bubbly feet on the smaller macarons! And since these are stacking on top of each other, it really is the perfect time to not have elegant tops.

Yes please.

Happy munching!

Macaron recipe from:

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