Blueberry Lemon Mini Bundts

You gotta love desserts that can pass as breakfast. Week 17: Blueberry Lemon Mini Bundts. Try saying that ten times fast.

Sometimes you’re craving a cake but you don’t want to go the whole nine yards and make a multi-layer cake. The clear solution is to make mini cakes! And what could be cuter than mini bundts? Not much.

I debated between a chocolate-based batter and fruit-based batter, but since it is truly Spring now, fruit came out on top. Bright lemon and sugary blueberry to match the sun and blue skies!

I’m excited to debut my adorable mini bundt pan with this bake! My roommate gave it to me for Christmas and it’s beige with a bright blue base. Class on top, party on the bottom.


Even the electric kettle matches my color theme today. It was meant to be.



I found a Meyer lemon for this recipe – they are super juicy and have thin rinds so there’s more fruit per lemon. I could only find blueberries in large containers, so I guess I’ll have to have fresh fruit smoothies this week. Bummer, right?


It’s snowing! Well not really, but the sifted flour sure looks like snow. As far as kitchen appliances go, the sifter was totally worth it. It aerates the flour, getting rid of lumps and helps make sure you’re not adding too much by having it packed in measuring cups.




Happy yellow batter, pre-flour and milk mixtures. Just butter, sugar and eggs.



I always try to alternate when adding wet and dry mixtures to a stand mixer. Otherwise, you’ll get this great POOF of flour when you turn the mixer on. Funny for any spectators, but no fun for you.




Time to fold in the berries!




It called for both spray oil and flour to make sure they don’t stick. These cakes must be bad at letting things go.



It made waaay more batter than I needed, so I started pulling out all my fun pans. Mini muffins on the left and doughnuts in the top right corner.




Ta-daa! Well not quite yet. Still have to get the clingy guys out of the pan . . .




Optimism with a dash of gravity . . .








While these ones don’t have holes in them, they do have cute little ridges. They held their shape pretty well, too!




I was going to make a milk/powdered sugar glaze, but all I had left was some heavy whipping cream. Oh well! Extra-delicious and creamy it is, then.




Since they are only 2 or 3 bites worth, they would be perfect for any high tea plate. Preferably in a sunny garden, surrounded by flowers. Happy muching!


Recipe from: (though I recommend copying and pasting the recipe out of the webpage, as the ads get annoying/distracting.)



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