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Tarte Tropézienne

A brioche pastry cream sandwich? Yes please! # 298: Tarte Tropézienne

Welcome to Saint-Tropez! Sort of. If I take one of these down to Alameda beach and squint as I eat it, I can pretend I’m in the Côte d’Azur.

This French treat has always felt a little strange to me, since I’m used to using brioche buns for burgers and other savory fillings. But now I can confirm that everything is improved by diplomat cream and raspberries.

Have you read The Enigma of Room 622? One of the characters has brioche with butter and dark chocolate for an afternoon snack, and I’m here for it. Maybe with a few raspberries too!

Yup, they totally look like burgers.

This is Nadiya’s base brioche recipe from my chili cranberry brioche post. If you have the time, letting it proof overnight will give you a deeper flavor. But if you’re baking on a whim like moi, then an hour and half on the counter in a warm kitchen works just fine.


Catch me still adding butter 15 minutes later. Brioche whims are hard won.

Nap time.

Mon petit chou! (Love that a French term of endearment is ‘my little cabbage’ – much less cute in English.)

I didn’t have pearl sugar, but catch me hunched over my mixed sprinkle container picking out all the round white ones. I had just enough for one bun, so the rest got coarse sugar sprinkles. C’est la vie.


Pastry cream forever and always.

How it started > how it’s going

My lazy diplomat cream is always just whipped cream and pastry cream folded together, minus the gelatin. Shhh 🤫

A little gelatin would go a long way to keeping the cream stable when I cut into the finished pastry… Next time!

Cute piping or flat wall of cream? I’ve seen it both ways but couldn’t decide.

Happy munching!

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