Chili Cranberry Brioche Buns

Sweet and zingy, cranberries and chili flakes are a match made in brioche heaven. # 218: Chili Cranberry Brioche Buns

How is it almost halfway through the year already?? If you’re struggling with how quickly 2021 is flying, this brioche can help. Not only do you have to take your time creating it, but you’ll get so wrapped up in how good it is, that time will stand still. (Kind of dramatic, but I’m rolling with it! A good brioche inspires all the feels.)

The chili flakes are the perfect way to keep the brioche from tipping over into being too rich. Not that I’m complaining about regular brioche (check out the Brie & Rosemary Brioche from last year!) but the chilis add another layer to the experience. Samin Nosrat said in an episode of the podcast Homecooking that spice is actually a feeling, and not a taste. Isn’t that wild? So on top of the luscious texture of the brioche dough, you get a lingering buzz from the chili flakes. Yum!

The sweetened cranberries come in clutch, keeping the chili from completely commandeering the aftertaste. I made a half batch and I already regret my decision – I should have made triple!

Cute lil bowls and ramekins make me so happy.

After re-watching the Nadiya Bakes episode where she makes this recipe, I realized I should have chopped up the cranberries into smaller pieces, but c’est la vie!

The reason I went to go re-watch the episode is that in the written recipe, she said that it would look like cake batter at this point. I was definitely getting more scone vibes from this and didn’t want to mess it up entirely. But in the show, hers had a similar consistency so we must just be on different cake wavelengths! Phew.

That’s more like it!

Post proofing nap, and ready to roll.

Oh hello there! There’s nothing more promising than a dough ball settling in for it’s second proof.

Remember to leave space for them to poof up!


That egg-wash shine gets me every time.

As someone who’s always preferred the middle of a roll to the crust, there is true joy in pull apart bread!

See what I mean?! I’m already plotting my next batch, since all of these were demolished before I had a chance to put them in my pastry dome.

Happy munching!

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