Cheesecake Christmas Trees

A wintery day in the cheesecake forest, with a chance of sprinkle flurries. # 239: Cheesecake Christmas Trees

If you celebrate Christmas, how early do you get your tree? I usually set mine up before we’re even out of Thanksgiving leftovers!

We only have smaller fake trees because our cats are way too adventurous for a large tree. To make up for it, there’s a small tree in each room! The more twinkle lights the merrier.

Remember Lottie from the 2020 season of GBBO? I saw these on her Instagram and fell in love. They’re just so CUTE. Plus, I have a soft spot for ice cream cones and don’t get to eat them often enough.

This is technically a no-bake bake, but hey your oven needs a break sometimes!

Look at that shiny pool of chocolate goodness. Yes please.

Taking a dip in the chocolate hottub! Don’t mind if I do.

You can have taquitos for lunch and then use the boxes for your cheesecake cone stands! (Why are there never any cardboard boxes in the house when you need one?)

The cheesecake mixture includes some mascarpone to mellow out the tangy-ness of the cream cheese.

It’s hard to tell, but this orange was the size of my FACE.

Happy clouds of orange cheesecake.


If you water your taquito boxes and give them plenty of sunlight, you’ll get a great crop of cheesecake cones.

While they set in the fridge, whip up some buttercream greenery.

The texture was perfect for this small piping tip, but I’m not a huge buttercream fan. I might do stabilized whipped cream next time!

I left the butter out overnight so it was lovely and soft for piping.

Trimming the tree with sprinkles is harder than it looks.

If you have any of those expensive pearl sprinkles, those would be perfect for this.

Happy munching!

Recipe from: Lottie Bedlow’s Instagram

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