Maple Garibaldi Biscuit Mummies

They’re creepy and they’re kooky, mysterious and spooky 🎵 #275: Maple Garibaldi Biscuit Mummies

These tasted like a combo of a maple donut and a currant scone. I’ll have 12 more, please.

Another recipe discovery from Great British Baking Show: garibaldi biscuits! This might be the first “biscuit” recipe where I’ve found the British term more appropriate than “cookie”. With currants sandwiched between two crumbly, crisp pastry layers, they feel like a distant cousin of shortbread.

I added mini chocolate chips in with currants because I’m a monster and it’s a delicious combination. Judge me not.

These little treats are named after Guiseppe Garibaldi, an Italian general who apparently made a big impression when he visited the UK in 1854. Thanks to the currants smashed between the pastry layers, some of it’s nicknames include “fly graveyard biscuits” and “squashed fly biscuits”. Really makes you want to reach for one, right? Maybe Brits use those names so visitors will avoid the biscuits and there will be plenty left over for themselves. A genius plan.

On the other end of the naming spectrum, Australia’s version is called Full O’Fruit. How cute is that?

Raisins get a bad rap (probably mostly from the sadness of reaching for a chocolate chip cookie, only to discover it’s full of raisins.) But currants should be exempt! They’re smaller, have a brighter flavor and don’t simply blend in to the background of a baked good. My favorite use for them is in these Welsh cakes, or honestly any scone. They’re the jewels of buttery pastry.

To make them even more magical, the recipe calls for soaking them in an orange juice bath.

Kind of impressed with how much juice these lil bbs absorbed! I started with 150 ml of orange juice, and ended with less than half.

The best kind of recipe doesn’t leave the egg white lonely in the fridge. It gets it’s moment to shine (literally!) later on.

Happy pile of dough.

Cue the egg white! It plays the role of glue in the first act, and shiny topping in the finale.

Ok I can kind of see where they get “squashed fly biscuit” from . . .

I only put the chocolate chips in half, just in case they decided to go rogue and mess with the structure of the top layer. Classic first-time recipe worries.

Pastry sammich.

There’s something so satisfying about cutting neat little shapes out of a chaos of dough. I smooshed all the edges into a lumpy scone for my photoshoot snack. 10/10 would recommend!

Pre-oven anticipation.


It felt silly adding powdered sugar to maple syrup, but glazes are always straight sweetness anyway! This one had butter in it to add some sheen and help it hold it’s shape. It also made me want pancakes for dinner.

I’m Safeway’s target audience when they put candy googly eyes out on display in July. I snatched them off the little hanging clips in the baking aisle without a moments hesitation, knowing that I’d make some poor baked good stare at my friends in October.

I always feel like somebody’s watchin’ me

My kind of mummy.

Happy (spooky) munching!

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