Garlic Pumpkin Pull-Apart Bread

Cheesy garlic bread meets pumpkin dinner roll. A meet cute, if you will. # 276: Garlic Pumpkin Pull-Apart Bread

This was one of those instances where you see a recipe that catches your eye, realize you have all the ingredients, do a happy dance and turn on your oven. Only one hour of proofing too, so as close to instant gratification as you can get with a yeasted bread!

As crazy as it seems, I hit a sweet tooth wall last week. I had all these sweet recipe ideas but no desire to make them. Garlic and parmesan cheese to the rescue!

This dough sadly didn’t hold its shape as well as a classic baguette dough (my pain d’epi looked like little elf ears!) It’s enriched with milk, egg and pumpkin, leading it to bake up more like a milk bread than a crusty loaf. Despite the squishy shape, the soft crumb with melted cheese and a spinach garlic spread all tucked in was dreamy.

Nutmeg making a savory guest appearance! I also used it in a mac and cheese earlier this week. *Chef’s kiss* Should we call it nutmeg season instead of pumpkin season?

Night night little dough.

Fluffed up, squished down and ready for a transformation.

Can I count this as my veggie for the day?

Snip snip!

It was a little grumpy about being pulled in opposite directions.

Next time I’ll do slightly deeper cuts to get more of a distinct shape.

Butter bath? Yes please!

While two loaves are easier to bake and share, I wish I had access to an industrial oven that could fit one monster loaf! It would be such a cool Thanksgiving centerpiece.

It called for a second butter bath after baking, because there is no such thing as too much butter.

Ok I’m cured of my sweet tooth overload. Phew.

Happy munching!

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