Garlic Rosemary Pull-Apart Bread

Little envelopes of garlic herb butter tucked into a loaf of bread. # 248: Garlic Rosemary Pull-Apart Bread

It’s a general rule that the best kind of garlic bread has an even amount of herbed butter on each slice. Nothing is sadder than an end piece that just smells like garlic but has no butter! Enter the pull-apart loaf: the fool-proof way to incorporate butter into every slice.

On Nadiya Bakes, she makes this amazing pizza pull-apart bread with pepperoni layered in the dough. While I wanted to make a savory pull-apart, I wasn’t feeling in the pepperoni mood. Garlic and rosemary to the rescue!

It’s a yeast dough enriched with butter, milk and an egg. On a scale from 1 to brioche, it’s closer to 1. While you have to be patient for it to rise like any enriched dough, the dough comes together super quickly. You can simply dump it all together and do a quick knead. No knead for standing by the mixer accidentally melting chunks of butter in your fingers as you wait to add another one to the bowl of dancing dough.

This loaf goes all-in on the garlic. Not only will you layer in garlic herb butter, but there’s also garlic powder in the dough!

My yeast wasn’t being very cooperative, but I decided to go with it anyway. It’s usually foamier than this after ten minutes, but the mornings have been pretty chilly for the Bay Area. I give full permission to blame the weather if your yeast isn’t ready to party.

See? Everyone jumped into the pool at the same time. I’m still cautious about salt coming into direct contact with the yeast, so I added that on top of the flour as a buffer.

It’s such a soft dough that I actually replaced the dough hook with the bowl scraper and just mixed for a short period of time before dumping it out to knead by hand.

Ruby Tandoh’s book left me feeling empowered, but it’s still hard to knead wet dough without adding tons of extra flour. Shout out to my bench scraper!

All tucked in.

I planned to omit the cheese in the recipe, but at the last minute added in some powdered parmesan. This would be soo good on popcorn!

Split into a dozen lil buns, flattened and painted with herby butter.

There’s something adorable about snuggling up the butter in a folded pocket of dough. It also makes all sorts of sense – not letting the butter leak out the bottom of the loaf!

Considering how closely they’re packed into the pan and how lackluster my yeast was at the beginning, I was majorly crossing my fingers that it would rise in the oven.

Success! It browned at about the halfway point, so I threw some foil over the top for the rest of it’s oven nap.

A little of the butter snuck out and made the bottom of each slice crispy and delicious. 10/10 eaten fresh, or warmed up in the toaster oven. I feel like it would also make amazing croutons, but we didn’t have any left to test that theory.

Happy munching!

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