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Coconut Almond Mochi Cake

Ooey-gooey slices topped with crispy coconut and sliced almonds. I dare you to eat just one piece! # 159:  Coconut Almond Mochi Cake

Happy Lunar New Year to those who celebrate! With 2020 being the year of the rat, is it acceptable to watch Ratatouille on repeat? Apparently Disney just opened a Ratatouille-themed ride in Orlando, and I’m super excited. If only they’d bring it to the west coast too . . .

This is essentially the same as Hawaiian butter mochi, which is an sweetened and enriched baked version of Japanese mochi. Using rice flour as a base instead of wheat flour gives it a gooey texture that resembles a dense, sticky custard. The coconut milk and almond extract adds a luscious, almost tropical flavor to each bite.

The most common glutinous rice flour brand in the Bay area is Mochiko, but I used shiratamako rice flour instead. Last time I needed rice flour was for the ice cream mochi, and after a bunch of research, the shiratamako flour with it’s pebble-y texture came out on top. Despite how weird it seems in the bag, the pebbles magically melt to a smooth paste once heated.

I used a handful of bowls for my mise en place, but you could make this in one bowl if you want! Mix all the wet and dry ingredients together and bake it. Boom.

The recipe called for straining, but since this rice flour is rocky at room temp, it ended up separating out all the flour from the rest of the ingredients. Sigh.

I backtracked, mixed it all back in and crossed my fingers that it would melt in the oven.

I typically don’t line my pans even when a recipe calls for it (love me some nonstick pans) but since mochi is so sticky I didn’t want to risk it. I re-use parchment paper from when I bake cookies, so there are a few oil marks, but yay for being a tiny bit more environmentally friendly!

I toasted sliced almonds and shredded coconut to go on top and my kitchen smelled sooo good. It adds a lovely texture contrast – the crunch along with the velvety mochi.

Et voila! I prefer it slightly warm but it’s delicious at any temperature.

Happy munching!

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