Manchego Fig Loaf

Not bad for a first attempt! What it lacks in finesse, it makes up for in flavor. # 158: Manchego Fig Loaf

First whole wheat loaf attempt!! As you can see, it’s not gonna win any beauty pageants, but it’s a step in the right direction. The crumb was soft and had a great flavor. The filling didn’t distribute evenly as it was supposed to, but the manchego and fig together were *chef kiss* delicious. Salty cheese with jammy dried figs – it was like a cheeseboard in a loaf.

Honestly looks like it got tired and leaned over on it’s elbow. I respect it for being comfy. Since the filling was all stuck at the top, the fig bubbled up through the scoring. Sigh. I think next time, I need to roll out the dough thinner, so the filling will be more thoroughly incorporated.

It’s another Martha Collisson recipe and it was as simple as it was delightful. Bread continues to amaze me with surprisingly short ingredient lists: flour (whole wheat and bread flours), yeast, salt, water olive oil and fillings.

Manchego is one of my all-time fave cheeses. It’s got the texture of parmesan, and a can’t-stop-won’t-stop salty, nutty flavor. Pairing it with the dried figs felt luxurious.

Don’t forget that yeast and salt are mortal enemies.

It was a slightly thicker dough, so I finished the kneading by hand. (Still have PTSD from that machine-breaking challah 3 years ago.)


Oo la la. Filling prep is getting fancy over here.

Love how you can see the little whole grain freckles!

Not perfectly round… let me know any tricks for getting it to be more loaf-like! (Besides practice – obviously need that.)

Methinks I also scored it a lil too deeply.

A loaf only a mother could love.

Close-textured, but soft and springy.

Happy munching!

Recipe from Crave by Martha Collison

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