Fig & Dark Chocolate Financiers

Financiers feeling fancy and full of fresh figs. # 143: Fig & Dark Chocolate Financiers

These are the night-time version of my Week 28 financier bake – deeper colors and dark chocolate, oo la la! Rich and nutty with almond flour and browned butter, they seem so much more complicated than they really are. Financiers are secretly simple – once you brown your butter, all you need to do is mix everything together and pour into your pans. Almost too good to be true!

They’re definitely one of my favorite little cakes. They’re always luscious and moist, making a perfect canvas for whatever fruit is in season. Do you have a treat that you always reach for at bakeries?

A lovely lady from my choir gifted me these gorgeous figs from her tree and I almost ate them all on the spot. Luckily, I restrained myself and saved some for breakfast and baking. If you’ve never had fig and honey butter toast, hop to! It’s a luxurious come-up for your morning toast, and figs are surprisingly healthy. They’re a great source of fiber and antioxidants, while also being sweet and jammy.

I was torn between using my cute little tartlet molds and my mini bread tins, so ended up baking some in each. Por qué no los dos?

My scale is so ready for pumpkin season. (Hopefully it doesn’t notice I’m trying to catch the last of summer fruit first. Still feeling too fig-licious to move on!)

Perfect way to use up those frozen egg whites. They’re feeling abandoned in the back left corner next to the frozen potstickers – go rescue them!

Brb, my butter’s getting a tan. It turns very quickly from golden, to toasty to burnt so keep an eye on it!

I couldn’t resist adding the dark chocolate, though it did slightly overpower the delicate flavor of the figs.

Fold in the deliciousness gently so the figs keep their shape.

Next time through, I’m going to only put slices of fig on top instead of also incorporating it into the batter. The bits of fig that touched the tart tin stuck, ripping the delicate crumb structure. Still yummy, just a lil bit messy.

This one was heavy on the chocolate chunks and I am not complaining.

Happy munching!

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