Marshmallow Peeps

You’re gonna need a few of these pillowy treats to deal with all my Easter puns. Everybunny will love them! # 124: Marshmallow Peeps

I have to admit – peeps weren’t really my thing as a kid. I’m all about chocolate candy and anything without it seemed like a waste of stomach space. I have learned the error of my ways though. Vanilla clouds coated in pastel sugar are an utter delight.

What do you call a row of bunnies hopping backwards?

A receding hare line!

Why did the Easter egg get kicked out of the basket?

He was such a practical yolker that he made the other eggs crack up! Or the more popular answer from my roommates: he just couldn’t take a yolk.

I suggest prepping your sugar before making your marshmallow. It’s super easy! Pour a scoop of regular granulated sugar into a bag with a few drops of the food coloring of your choice. Seal the bag and mush it around for a minute until the color is evenly distributed. (You might need to sift it afterwards to breakup the clumps.)

I also tried grinding up some rainbow crystal sprinkles in a coffee grinder with mixed success.

The ingredients are beyond simple: water, gelatin, sugar and flavoring (I used vanilla and almond extract.) The water is separated so some of it can soften the gelatin while the other part is cooking with the sugar.

I delved into the origin of the name and structure of marshmallows in my Vanilla Swirl Marshmallows post about a year ago. If you’re interested, go give it a read!

The candy thermometer has been the belle of the ball these past two posts. It would like to thank the academy.

You want the sugar to get hot enough, but not caramelized yet. Once it hits 285F, you whip it off the heat and pour it into the mixing bowl where the gelatin has been chillaxing.

Then whip it for a crazy 9 minutes til it’s opaque and floofy.

It solidifies within 15-20 minutes, so you want to have your piping bag ready and your colored sugar laid out.

A little lumpy, but they’ve got character!

Just some peeps, hanging out. I piped them directly onto the sugar so the bottoms would be evenly coated, then scooped sugar on top.

Voila! Nail coordination optional.

Once piped, let them chill in their sugar bath until firm (about a half hour.) You can mix cocoa powder and water into a paste and dot their eyes on with a toothpick!

Happy munching!

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