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S’mores Sandwich Cookies

Rainy Tuesdays are way s’more fun with cookie sandwiches! # 290: S’mores Sandwich Cookies

With all the hail, wind and rain recently, I’m dreaming of warm vacations. Beaches, campfires, you name it – I’m mentally there.

Nate and I were at South of North Brewing Co. last year and he spotted s’mores on the menu. We didn’t fully think it through before ordering it, and spent the next few minutes wondering how on earth they were going to serve s’mores . . . I’m sure you could make them in the oven and serve them immediately, but where’s the fun in that?

Lo and behold, it turned out to be a s’mores kit you could use over the fire pits on their patio. Genius! I’m sure it was to give kids something to do while their parents drank beer, but luckily no one judged the almost 30-year-olds toasting marshmallows, beer in hand.

There’s a note in my Italian meringue recipe that says: “basically marshmallow fluff.” When making free-standing marshmallows like peeps, you whip up an Italian meringue and add gelatin into the mix to give them a springy structure. Without the gelatin added it doesn’t spring back when you squish it, but it works perfectly as a pipeable filling (like in the apricot lime wagon wheels!)

I didn’t have graham flour on hand (and have never seen it in a store), but it seems to just be coarsely ground wheat flour. Regular whole wheat works perfectly in a 1-1 swap.

Trying not to think about the fact that this recipe calls for honey, brown sugar AND granulated sugar. Good things come in threes, right?

I should’ve built a mini sand castle. Next time!


Ok I’m obsessed with these cookies – soft, chewy brown-sugar goodness with crisp edges. Ooo they would be amazing dipped in dark chocolate! Brb, gonna go make another batch.

Marshmallow magic time.

Some fool decided to use a hand mixer instead of a stand mixer to whip this meringue into shape. Guess today is arm day.

Egg whites are the original magic trick. They go from a tiny puddle of see-through goo to an entire bowlful of glossy foam!

Changed my mind halfway through and only piped a marshmallow wall. Who needs a marshmallow floor?

Mini blowtorch for the win!

On to the melted chocolate layer of the s’more. Bring on the ganache.

Hell yes!

Daww it almost looks like a mini campfire.

Just like a classic s’more: it looks amazing until you bite into it and chaos reigns.

Happy munching!

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