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Chocolate Pecan Baklava

Baklava’s so nice, I made it twice. This is my autumn version of the nutty layered treat. # 92: Chocolate Pecan Baklava with Espresso Syrup




So I didn’t make my own phyllo dough (I know, I know) but life is short and the chocolate filling was calling my name. Patience in baking is still a problem for me. Sometimes I dream up the end result and then want it immediately! I plan to attempt sfogliatella (the lobster tail pastry featured in GBBO) soon so I’ll have to learn to embrace the process.



Also I can’t believe that I’m almost to 100 posts! This has been such a fun ride and I can’t wait to take it far into the triple digits. My baking bucket list is still miles long – I keep adding to it. (Sorry not sorry.)

The last time I made baklava for this blog was back in week 35 (orange cardamom baklava – so delicious) and the idea of making my own phyllo was laughable. Now it seems totally doable – just super time-consuming. I’m so excited that this project is actually doing what I hoped it would: giving me the knowledge base and practice to up my confidence in my baking skills.



Diamonds are a girl’s best friend. Especially diamonds full of chopped pecans, dark chocolate and cinnamon sugar. I might make this again around Thanksgiving – it reminds me of my family’s pecan pie in terms of texture and richness.




Ah, the most fickle pastry out there. After working with it for a while, it makes sense that the name comes from the Ancient Greek word for “leaf.” If you don’t cover it with a slightly damp cloth, it dries out and breaks into brittle leaves. Frustrating, but very autumnal.



I started using a food processor, but then changed lanes and decided to chunk it on a cutting board instead. It allows for more control over the size of the pieces, and really doesn’t take that much longer.



Mmm. Chunked chocolate and diced pecans currently sitting on top of 6 layers of butter and phyllo.



You know what they say about Fall: you gotta layer up! This baklava took that to heart and put on 24 layers of pastry. To make the diamond pattern, I made parallel cuts in one direction, then made diagonal cuts. No measuring, just eye-balling the distance between each cut.



It kind of looks like those old-fashioned princess windows. You know, the ones that twinkle in the sunlight because each diamond-shaped pane of glass is at a slightly different angle?



Post-sauna. While it was baking, I prepped the espresso syrup. It was essentially simple syrup, espresso powder and Frangelico (hazelnut flavored liquor, yum!)



First attempt at adding a video to a post! Because the drizzling was so fun to watch I wanted to share it with y’all.



Happy munching!


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