Fun with Royal Icing

May you be as cool as this pineapple cookie. His future’s so bright, he’s gotta wear shades. # 93: Fun with Royal Icing


I just love watching those cookie-decorating videos on Instagram – they’re so soothing! It’s amazing to me how perfectly the cookies turn out at the end. Of course, the people decorating them have years of practice and are probably super artsy. But also: royal icing. I tried it once before a year and a half ago (Orange Cardamom Cookies) and it was a sweet, colorful mess. Took me a long time to get back on the horse, but it was worth the wait. It’s so fun to play around with!



Messy shot, but gotta keep myself accountable. I do a 75% mis en place before each bake to make sure I’m not missing a super important ingredient. Nothing worse than making orange cardamom cookies and realizing you forgot to get an orange or ran out of cardamom. (Yes I know there’s no orange in this photo – it was in my fruit bowl. I did say 75%…)



I know you might be thinking, pineapples don’t belong in fall! Shhhhh. I’ll just sneak it in with all these other autumnal accents and maybe no one will notice.


These are the best versions of sugar cookies I’ve ever found. The recipe is from and I can’t recommend it enough! They taste almost like shortbread, they’re so rich and buttery.



Look at that surface tension. Proving that physics can be cool, guys.



How is it that zesting one orange in the kitchen can make a whole apartment smell fresh and citrus-y? Yes, I know my apartment is small, but I still think there is magic involved.



I didn’t want to douse it in flour to roll it out, so I whipped out the wax paper.



Looks like part maple leaf, part oak leaf? Leaf it alone, it wants to remain a mystery.



The cutest little cookie cutter! I couldn’t resist getting the sunglasses. The Sur La Table bargain bins are dangerous.



I love how you can see the spices in the cookie after baking. Let this be the end of bland, tasteless sugar cookies. Let there be flavor!



A little water, salt, vanilla, meringue powder, and a lot of powdered sugar.



Oh, and food coloring! Of course.



This was a learn-as-I-go project. Initially, I assumed that the outside edge would have to be a stiffer consistency to hold in the flooded icing. After finishing two cookies I realized that it’s just the regular flood consistency that is allowed to harden a bit before the cookie is flooded. Having it be the same consistency allows for a smoother finish and blending with the outside edge. The more you know!



As you can see, the stiffer icing doesn’t want to play nice with the flooded icing. C’est la vie.



Satiny layers of icing.



The swirling worked out pretty well! Already imagining the galaxy cookies in my future.



Happy munching!


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