Lemon Bars with Rosemary Crust

The flowers in the Bay Area think it’s spring already and I’m okay with that! #58: Lemon Bars with Rosemary Crust




Dedicating today’s Throwback Thursday to Week 9’s Rustic Rosemary Lemon Tart. That herbaceous pop of flavor in the crust was just what the lemon filling needed to cut the sweetness. When I decided to make the sweetest lemon dessert I know, I immediately thought back to my savory crust. Plus, I found pomegranate seeds at the market and that sealed the deal.


Why lemon bars you ask? We’re nearing the end of the citrus season and the lemon trees are breaking under the weight of hundreds of ripe lemons, ready for the picking! I’m lucky and have access to a Meyer lemon tree. *Cue Lemon Tree by Peter, Paul & Mary.* Gloriously thin pith and super sweet juice – perfect for baking. Essentially, if you have a plethora of lemons and eggs, the universe is telling you to make lemon bars. I answered the call.



Do you like my exceedingly classy use of a red solo cup as a rosemary holder? My mom has a rosemary bush the size of a small car and she foraged a cupful for me to use. I really want to start growing herbs in my apartment, but so far, only succulents have survived. Let me know if you have any green-thumb tips! I’m all ears.



Crust, pre-sauna. Little rosemary snips peaking out like half-buried treasure.



Eggs, sugar, fresh lemon juice and zest, a touch of flour and baking powder. I love adding baking powder to liquid and watching it fizz – science!



Prepping lemon juice and zest is a grate way to find out if you have any cuts on your hands. See what I did there?



I’ve found that it’s nearly impossible to get the bars out of the pan if you don’t line it with greased foil. Lemon bar filling is a special type of super glue when it comes to baking pans. But luscious when munched on! It is very custard-y, even without the dairy component.



A sprinkle of pomegranate seeds and voila! A lemon treat worthy of this chilly spring weather that the Bay Area is serving up.



Happy munching!


Recipe: My mom’s special double-lemon bar recipe. It’s a secret. 😉 This recipe is similar if you’re looking for proportional guidance!

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