English Toffee à la Disney


Three days was not long enough to sample all the Disney-licious desserts at Disney World. Take me back! #57: English Toffee, à la Disney.

I am a Disneyland girl through and through, but I just had the best time exploring Disney World with my family! We stayed at the Grand Floridian – so lovely. Side note – we had afternoon tea at the Garden View Tea Room and felt like princesses. The most amazing part of anything Disney is the care and effort they put into the details. Like the design on top of the blueberry and lemon trifle:


So pretty, right? Did anyone else think that “GF” stands for “gluten free”? Millennial struggles.


This adorable Cinderella coach was in the Grand Floridian lobby. It took me until the second day to realize that it was made of chocolate. Covered in gold leaf! Because, Disney.

We also munched on Dole Whips, caramel-coated apples and classic Mickey-shaped chocolate-covered ice creams. A Disney trip wouldn’t be complete without them!

These were some of the treats we found in the Norwegian Pavilion in Epcot’s World Showcase. A chocolate mousse viking helmet with crisp cookie horns, a cardamom-infused cream bun, and a whipped-cream filled pastry horn. Are you drooling yet?

One dessert that was missing from the Main Street Confectionary in the Magic Kingdom was the mouth-watering English toffee, coated in milk chocolate and crushed almonds. They hand-make it in the Candy Palace on Main Street in Disneyland and it’s amazing. Since I couldn’t buy it, I decided to recreate it at home.


I happened to have some leftover chocolate ganache in the freezer so that became my cocoa covering of choice. The almonds kept jumping out of my mortar, so I transferred them to a chopping board and diced away.


It’s amazing how simple the ingredients are for toffee! Simply sugar, butter, water and a dash of salt.


The sugar mixture didn’t turn from white fluff into toasty caramel until the last 10 seconds of boiling. I was getting a little nervous, but then I blinked and it began to darken. Just gotta trust the recipe sometimes!


Ta-daa! So glossy and toasty. It’s essentially caramel, except that toffee is heated past 300F, or the hard-crack phase. So while it looks like caramel now, it’ll be the consistency of glass in less than 5 minutes of cooling.


Before it set completely, I scotched (or scored) it with a sharp knife so I could break it into neat and tidy squares. Of course it’s also delicious broken into shards! But the only way to get clean cuts is to score it while warm and flexible.


A little ganache, a few almonds and bippity, boppity, boo!


Happy munching! Or in this case, crunching!

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