Fluffy Little Cheesecakes

Week 2: Vanilla ricotta cheesecakes with a cocoa-cookie crust. (10 points to Hufflepuff for the alliteration.)

So, due to technical difficulties, this is the only picture I have from my second week bake. SD chips are fickle friends who eat pictures and then decide to delete all of them for fun. I’ll try to create a snapshot with words!
Took out my commute frustration on some vanilla wafer cookies, then mixed them with butter and cocoa to make a yummy base for these lil guys. I suggest to my future self to break out the food processor next time for a smoother crumb texture. So many gadgets to take advantage of! (And clean later, cest la vie.)
The filling includes ricotta and cream cheese and vanilla, oh my! I used mini springform pans, since smaller is cuter and more shareable. Speaking of sharing, thank you to all the lovely friends, family and coworkers who munch on my creations without judgment.
A simple and yummy Week 2 bake.
Recipe from: Bake! The Quick-Look Cookbook by Gabriela Scolik + Team


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