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Pizzelle Choco Tacos

Crisp cardamom pizzelles filled with raspberry ice cream, topped with dark chocolate and sprinkles. # 296: Pizzelle Choco Tacos

Ok I had way too much fun making these! Catch me jogging back and forth from the freezer to my pastry board, my hands covered in chocolate and sprinkles bouncing all over the floor. Worth it!

When I did my pizzelle post in 2020, I dreamt of making tiny waffle cones, but then promptly forgot. Oops!

While these aren’t cone-shaped, they’re definitely on the same page. Next time I’ll roll them up into mini cones. Seriously, how cute would they be?!

Were you ever a Choco Taco fan? I don’t have any specific memories of them (and they seem super gimmicky) but it sounds like they were ice cream truck royalty for a few decades.

I went to look up the history of Choco Tacos but got completely derailed by “🌮🍨🌮🪦1983-2022 🪦🌮🍨🌮” scrolling along the top of the Google search page. Clearly someone at Google is very sad that they are now the pastry equivalent of out-of-print.

The shell is a basic waffle batter flavored with whatever floats your boat. I went with vanilla, cardamom and cinnamon this time, but the options are endless. Cocoa powder and Cointreau? Blitzed freeze-dried raspberries and almond extract? My pizzelle iron says bring it on.

Ready to scoop!

If you place the balls of dough slightly behind the middle point, it should be centered when the iron squished them flat. Hypothetically.

*Patiently whistles*

Hmm well the first batch of waffles are always a little off, right? For the next batches I used slightly more dough to fill out the mold and took them out 10 seconds earlier to keep a more even color.

Cannoli molds coming out to play again!

Feeling a little Dali-esque here.

Ta-daa! I only broke one, be very impressed.

They’re so pretty it feels wrong to cover them in ice cream. Almost.

You want the ice cream to be melted enough to be spreadable, but not so melty that it runs out of the shell before you can get it to the freezer. The tight-rope walk of an ice cream dessert.

Fun fact: the chocolate hardens super quickly when painted onto frozen ice cream (should’ve seen that one coming.) I had to add the sprinkles in sections so they’d stick before the chocolate solidified. Casually mixing in a little adrenaline to my calm baking vibes.

When you can’t decide – use them all!

The perfect amount of sprinkle chaos.

Happy munching!

Shell recipe from my previous pizzelle post!

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