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Peach Slab Pie

I’m all about the crust to fruit ratio in this stained-glass window of a pie. # 270: Peach Slab Pie

One of the best parts of summer is freezing all the amazing stone fruit for smoothies and pies later on. Remember the ginger peach profiteroles last month? These beauties are from the same mountain of fresh peaches. Three cheers for freezer space!

You know those leaded windows with the diamond-shaped panes that glitter when you walk by? I call them princess windows and there’s a few I say hi to on my neighborhood walks. This pie might be the closest I can get to actually having one, but it gets bonus points for being edible.

It’s essentially a galette that borrowed a pie’s hat to feel glamorous. Enchanté!

I have two go-to pie crust recipes: one with a mix of shortening, butter and buttermilk for decorative work and an all-butter one with a hint of cinnamon for everything else. (I know I shouldn’t play favorites, but the second one is listed as “Best Pie Crust Ever” in my recipe notes.) Since I wanted to do a lattice, I went with the more forgiving, less crumbly first option.

Therapy in a bowl.

The fork came through with the assist during the messy stage before it all starts to come together.

A chill (br)ough, ready to go. I used a little over half for the base of the pie, and left the rest in the fridge for the lattice. There’s limited real estate on my pastry board and nobody wants a melty dough, bro.

Greatest shortcut ever: transfer the rolled-out dough into the pan using the bottom sheet of parchment paper! It lines the pan automatically and there’s no crying over ripped pastry.

Time for the star of the show to get dressed. A little sugar to draw out the juice, cornstarch to thicken it up, lemon juice for some zing to cut through the sweetness and cinnamon and salt because you gotta!

Snug as a bug in a rug. (Why are English phrases so odd? No bugs in my rugs, please.)

It always amazes me when bakers on GBBO choose to weave their lattices first and then transfer them to their pies. I’ve always created the lattice on top of the pie so there’s no transfer drama, but next time I have a tightly woven design I might give it a try!

Time to make a window frame: I folded the draped edges of the bottom crust over the ends of the lattice.

Not only does it look way cuter, but it also helps keep all that juicy filling in place.

Voila! Part of me was worried the lattice might sink into the depths… but it stayed afloat!

Next step is to take a slice of this pie on your next neighborhood walk so you can eat it while looking at a princess window.

Yes, that is a nectarine and not a peach. But it’s from the farmers market and is obviously ready for it’s close-up.

Happy munching!

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