Almond Apricot Cake

When life gives you a bucket of ripe apricots, make cake! # 267: Almond Apricot Cake

BRB, adding this to my list of any-season snack cakes. I’ll have to test swapping out the apricot purée with other fruit… stay tuned!

Anddd sometimes my presentation ideas fall flat. Seventh grade science fair project, anyone?

Like any coffee cake, it’s not the most exciting to look at, but the texture and flavor make up for it’s lack of visual pizazz. (Don’t let the sliced almonds hear you – they think they’re very fancy!)

Replacing some of the regular flour with almond flour helps to cut down on potential gluten formation, leading to a softer crumb. Plus, you have marzipan undertones – yes please! The apricot purée works double-time, adding a tartness to each bite and saving the whole cake the cardinal sin of coffee cakes: being dry.

Quick shout out to using mise en place and reading through the whole recipe before starting! This recipe called for 2.5 cups of sliced almonds, which are silly expensive and impossible to make at home. BUT it wanted the majority of them to be ground into almond flour. If you don’t mind a slightly darker cake (the added bitterness from the skins is undetectable with all the sugar) then go forth and use that bag of regular almonds that’s been hanging out on your shelf.

Snow-capped mountains.

It’s a one-bowl recipe, where the bowl is your food processor. Crazy huh? There was a tenuous moment or two where I thought it might overflow but I gave it a pep talk and we made it through.

Almond butter, is that you?

Like any upside-down cake, parchment paper to the rescue! No cake left behind.

Oven nap time. 😴

Et voila! Does your springform pan have the cute little diamond pattern on the bottom too or is that just me?

The amaretto apricot sauce is yum, but I actually like it better with just chantilly cream. The rest of the apricots in the bucket went into an apricot lime jam that I’m super excited to use in a future bake. It tastes like a cocktail and a jam had a baby!

Happy munching!

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