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Onion Jam Rugelach

Rich, buttery swirls of umami. # 245: Onion Jam Rugelach

Some recipes jump out at me, and I carry them around in the back of my mind until I have a chance to make them. Finally got a chance to dive into these savory rugelach this weekend!

Rugelach dough is delightful and has the best texture thanks to cream cheese. It’s luscious from all the dairy, but doesn’t crumble away like a biscuit dough when you try to work with it. It can handle just about any filling you throw at it, as long as there isn’t too much moisture.

My sweet versions back in 2017 were the more common crescent shape. Ok now I want to go make sweet ones! BRB.

While mixing the dough by hand is very satisfying, so is watching it magically turn from sand to a cohesive ball in the food processor. If you blink, you’ll miss the transformation! Also, as you can tell from the low light pictures – this was a late night bake and I was going for efficiency so I wasn’t up all night.

The filling is essentially onion toffee. Two words I never thought I’d use together, but the crazy ingredient list was one of the reasons I latched on to this recipe. I was truly curious to see how this many random elements (bread crumbs, coffee, apple cider vinegar, sugar, sour cream, etc) could come together into something yummy.

Isn’t she cute? She looks extra special on her new rainbow trivet.

Nathan was very skeptical about this bake. I didn’t give him any context, so he assumed it would be something sweet. Then the onion smell hit him… Muahaha.

Adding a whole new level to caramelizing onions.

Make sure to take it off the heat sooner than you think, otherwise it’ll actually turn into toffee in the fridge and you’ll have to microwave it to get it to mix with the sour cream. Definitely not speaking from experience. Nope.

Look at that sheen! It looks a bit ambiguous but the smell was an intriguing combo of caramel, onions and coffee.

Lil bundles of yum.

In hindsight, the everything bagel seasoning wasn’t necessary. The filling had enough flavor to knock you over, so adding extra onion to the top was a bit overkill.

Messy in the best way.

This dough really is the best. I thought they might be a tiny bit underbaked (since I was distracted by how dark the filling was getting in the oven) but look at that golden loveliness!

So glad I finally got to make this recipe, but all in all, I think I’ll stick to sweet rugelach in the future.

Happy munching!

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