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Morning Buns

A lovely swirled canvas for whatever yummy filling you have in mind! Of the three I used, sweetened red bean paste was the best, closely followed by nutella and a cinnamon sugar butter filling. # 213: Morning Buns

Take me back to the weekend, please! I’d like to be basking in the sun on our tiny patio with a pastry in one hand and iced tea in the other. Paradise? Pretty close.

I got inspired to make these while watching an episode of Nadiya Bakes a few weeks ago. It’s truly a delight to watch! Her enthusiasm will make you want to bounce off your couch and into the kitchen to get baking right away.

In one of her episodes, Nadiya highlighted a bread baker who worked some straight-up magic with his dough. He cut sweet enriched dough into strips and braided each one before rolling it up on itself. Each roll looked so intricate, with all the layers of filling and dough overlapping!

His filling was a classic cinnamon/sugar/butter paste, which I couldn’t resist. But why do one filling when you could do three, amirite? I had a quarter cup of sweetened red bean paste leftover from making sesame doughnuts (I really miss dim sum), and a little bit of nutella left at the bottom of the jar. Meant to be, if I do say so myself.

A classic sweet yeast dough, enriched with eggs, butter and milk. This is similar in concept to my Babka Muffins from a few years ago, with some structural differences and a huge upgrade in confidence. My goal is to get to a point where I don’t need a recipe for basic doughs and batters so I can play more with flavors and fillings! Might take me another decade, but hey we’re making progress over here.

I would like to go back in time and say to past me: don’t be scared of the yeast! Yes it’s alive, eek, but all it wants in life is sugar and warmth, just like you. Also, future you won’t have to deal with those tiny staticky packets of yeast since you’ll have accidentally bought a two pound bag of it that has taken up permanent residence in your freezer. Congrats!

Allllmost there.

Much better.

Sleepy dough puff.


Trifold it to build up the layers.

Time to bust out your braiding skills! Luckily, just a 3-strand plait for each lil bun.

When you show up to a party and you’re the only one dressed up…


I seem to be swimming in extra egg whites right now, so I just did an egg white wash instead of a full egg wash.

They ballooned up in the second proof! I forgot how much warm weather speeds up the process.


Forecast: we’ll see gentle snow flurries on the cinnamon mountain range this afternoon.

Jury is still out on which filling won the top spot. Nate is firmly in the nutella camp and my mom is a staunch believer in the cinnamon sugar filling. While they debated, I was over here eating all the red bean ones. They retained the most moisture and so didn’t need a cup of tea to scarf them down. 10/10 would make them again!

Ready for my close-up.

Happy munching!

Dough recipe from:

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