4th of July Swiss Roll

Cherries and sparklers and whipped cream, oh my! # 132: 4th of July Swiss Roll

Did you know that Alameda, California has the longest 4th of July parade in the world? Due to it’s ridiculous number of floats each year, it is officially the longest 4th of July parade in the country. As the only country that celebrates this holiday, Alameda naturally gets to claim the world title as well! That’s your fun fact for today. You’re welcome!

I realize that I made a roll cake for 4th of July last year too! My Patriotic Mascarpone Cream Roll was more intricate with the decorations. I went a little simpler this year with a vanilla sponge rolled with whipped cream and fresh cherries. It turned out more of a Tiffany blue, but I’m still happy with it! I’ll post a picture to my Instagram tomorrow of the blue velvet cupcakes I made and hot damn, they are BLUE. We’re talking 20,000-leagues-under-the-sea kind of blue. Jack’s Mannequin would be proud of these cupcakes.

Does England have the 4th of July?

Yes! and the 5th of July.. and the 6th of July.. hehe gotcha.

This sponge was so incredibly simple: equal parts sifted flour and superfine sugar, eggs, vanilla, and (weirdly enough) a splash of warm water.

Breakin’ out that whisk attachment. You want to whip in as much air as possible!

Pale and foamy is the goal. Pastel, if you please.

I didn’t want to go too overboard with the food coloring, so I kept it light.

Sponge cakes are so delicate, I lined the parchment paper with sugar so it wouldn’t stick or tear. Plus, added sweetness! The whipped cream mellows out the sugar, I promise.

Rolled it into a cocoon to cool, then unrolled it to the lovely surprise of only one crack! Huzzah!

Bring on the clouds of whipped cream.

More cherries next time! It’s hard to go overboard on the fresh fruit with this much cream.

And we rollin’, rollin’ on the riverrr.

Trim off the messy edges and munch on them while you contemplate decoration. If you withheld a little cream and a few whole cherries – do the classic sundae topper along the top! If not, let the powdered sugar rain down and call it a day.

Happy munching! Do yourself a favor and get some snappers – pranks galore.

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