Cinnamon Apple Swirl Bread



Move over avocado toast – French toast made from this sweet, apple butter-swirled loaf is what brunch dreams are made of. # 87: Cinnamon Apple Swirl Bread


I have a proposal for a new business week structure in the US: every other weekend should be a 3-day weekend! It’s so refreshing to have that extra day to catch up from crazy work days and weekend adventures. Let’s make this happen. Then we’d have more time for homemade brunch, preferably including French toast.

What’s your ideal French toast? Mine involves cinnamon and tons of butter to make the outside all crispy and caramel-y. This bread really hit the spot – plenty of surface area to soak up the eggy goodness and lots of cinnamon sugar swirled into each slice.



It’s a sweet yeast dough, so the yeast noms on the sugar and emits carbon dioxide bubbles. All those bubbles keep the bread sky-high and allow for a fluffy texture. This loaf in particular has a lot of character. I didn’t punch it down enough after the first proof, and so it ballooned in the oven, collapsing over the side like an octopus trying to escape it’s tank. You’ll see what I mean later on it the post.



See all the nooks and crannies in the side wall of the loaf? It’s one of those recipes where you twirl the dough and coil it up haphazardly in the pan to create those artsy swirls of filling.



My aunt and uncle make their own apple butter – YUM.



Here’s the yeast, just beginning to party.



Before and after the flour addition.



Kneading time. Got to make it smooth and elastic – build up that gluten!



Ready for proof #1. Cute lil ball of dough!



It turned into a monstrosity! I was afraid to punch it down too much, in case I crushed all the bubbles. Apparently that’s not an issue to be worried about with this dough – now we know.



Rolled out, painted with apple butter and sprinkled with cinnamon sugar. Aww yeah.



I rolled it up into a spiral and sliced it lengthwise. Then twisted the two dough ropes together and folded them into the pan for it’s second proof. Look how puffy!



Post-sauna. See? Octopus trying to escape. Sigh.



I love the structure of it – like a mushroom with a swirly cap on top of a smooth rectangle.



Happy munching!


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