Pumpkin Pie Oreos

Welcome to the spookiest month of the year! These cookies are ready for Halloween. Week 41: Pumpkin Pie Oreos




Guys, I found another way to increase my daily intake of pumpkin. *happy dance* The filling is essentially pumpkin pie custard so I could extend the season for these until Thanksgiving.


Oreos are one of the only store-bought cookies that I liked as a kid (snobby cookie kid, I know.) You can’t really tell what’s in the mysterious filling, so I never considered making them from scratch. Why mess with perfection, right? But I’m so glad I did.


I found the recipe on Half Baked Harvest’s blog and immediately had to try it. The cookies are perfectly crisp and crunchy on the first day, and are a little softer and more like cake the second day. Both are good! It goes from being an oreo to a kind of whoopie pie – win-win situation if I ever heard one.


The day began with a trip to the pumpkin patch to pick the most colorful and happy gourds. I love how many shapes and sizes there are! I had to restrain myself from buying the whole bin of perfectly round, tennis-ball sized pumpkins. They’re just so cute.




I started with mise en place since there were so many ingredients and three different elements involved: cookie dough, pumpkin filling and buttercream filling.



There are two kinds of chocolate in the cookie shells: milk chocolate chips and dark cocoa powder. The dark chocolate did the trick, giving it a yummy rich cocoa flavor. The dough looks a bit like used coffee grounds, doesn’t it?




Not the most appealing to look at, but the smell was delish.




All rolled up and ready for the freezer! Or the fridge if you have a lot of time to kill. But why prolong the waiting time until fresh oreos are in your mouth?




I had 3/4 ounce of gelatin on hand and it called for 1 whole ounce for the pumpkin filling. I risked it, and it worked beautifully!




After cooling in the fridge for an hour, I could turn it upside down without the slightest wobble. Magic!




The dough roll got sliced into disks and baked until firm. I might cook them longer next time for extra crispiness.



Ready to assemble! I whipped the pumpkin filling so it would be spreadable. There was about 3 times the amount of pumpkin filling as buttercream, but it worked in my favor: now I have enough to make a second batch of cookies.



The buttercream made them taste more like a classic oreo, but next time I might only do the pumpkin filling – it’s THAT good.



Enjoy with a glass of pumpkin-spiced sparkling apple cider (it exists! the world has gone pumpkin crazy! There’s even a PSL-scented deodorant)



Happy munching!



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