Chocolate Peanut Butter Cups

What is more delicious and addicting than the combination of chocolate and peanut butter? They were meant for each other. Week 34: Chocolate Peanut Butter Cups




I think it is safe to say that I have a sugar problem. I can find a way to incorporate a dessert into every meal of the day and frequently do. However, the one category of dessert that is lacking in my diet is candy. If I am going to have a piece of candy, it’s gotta be chocolate. And if at all possible, it should be a dark chocolate peanut butter cup.


The joy of peanut butter cups is that they can be made with healthy substitutions and THEY STILL TASTE GOOD. It’s magical. I decided to pull out one of my bookmarked recipes from Bakerita for this one – it only uses four ingredients and doesn’t use any dairy or refined sugar. Totally nuts! (Ah, so punny.)


A classic Reese’s cup has a slightly longer ingredient list, including milk products and refined sugar. While I will still eat a Reese’s cup whenever it crosses my path, making my own was a satisfying experiment. The main benefit is the lack of dairy! So many people I know aren’t able to consume large amounts of lactose and love it when there’s a dairy-free dessert available. I thought this would make a nice change after my heavy-cream-filled bake last week.



I used coconut oil for the first time in this bake! It’s fascinating – comes in a jar in a solid form and can be melted to mix or blend with whatever you want. It blended with maple syrup (sweetness) and cocoa powder (chocolatey-goodness) to make the chocolate shell for the candy. Since it is naturally solid at room temperature, it had to be warmed up every 10 minutes or so. This bake takes about 10 minute total (plus some chilling time in the fridge) if you are just making it without taking pictures, but the need to wash my hands every time I reach for the camera made this a slightly longer process.




I sometimes have to be reminded of all the natural types of sweeteners available in this wide world besides refined table sugar. This recipe calls for maple syrup. Not that it’s super healthy or anything (it is made up of sucrose, just like refined sugar) but it also has additional nutrients (magnesium, potassium, calcium, etc.) that make it a bit more beneficial.



Since moving into an apartment with limited storage space, I’ve gotten more wary of buying kitchen items that perform a single function. Instead of buying a mold for these (yes they exist – but really are only worth it in a industrial setting where you have to crank out a ton of cups at once), I used a mini muffin pan with ridged paper liners. Worked like a charm! Bonus: found yet another use for the mini muffin pan, yuss.



The lighting caused a Willy Wonka shine on the chocolate.




Isn’t the mini greenhouse in the background lovely? Houseplant goals, I’m tellin ya. I’m just starting to craft my own hanging plant holders for my apartment so I can branch off from just succulents. Ferns and draping plants, here I come! If I succeed at being a plant mom, then I can graduate to being a pet mom. Baby steps.




It was so hot the day that I made them, that I popped em into the fridge for safe keeping. They are normally just fine at room temperature for storing. Also, next time: more peanut butter!


Happy munching!


Recipe from:

P.S. – if you don’t already follow Bakerita, you should! The recipes are delish and and food photography is downright lovely.



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