Tie Dye Bagels



Since I didn’t make it to The Bagel Shop while in Brooklyn, I wanted to create a multi-color bagel of my own. Week 32: Tie dye bagels

Word of warning: if you want to make these, you might also tie dye your hands! Take it from me and my hot pink hands. Gloves would probably have been the perfect solution, but I really love kneading dough with my bare hands. Trade-offs.


No matter what your opinion of the rainbow bagel craze that sweeping the nation, whether it reminds you of playdoh, or is a must-have, you gotta admit they’re cool! This was both the first time I’ve made bagels and the first time I made a bread product that had this much food coloring in it. Twas interesting. This bagel recipe was simple in concept/ingredients and I think it will blend well with fun flavors and toppings.
The process reminded me a bit of making pretzels. You boil the raw dough before baking it, but unlike the pretzels, the bath is just plain water. Funnily enough, flash boiling dough causes a small chain of events that make a bagel a bagel: the starch on the exterior of the bagel reacts, creating a barrier that limits the bagel’s ability to rise in the oven, therefore, causing the dense texture inside the bagel. A shorter time spent in the boiling water = thinner, more elastic crust. I tried to boil mine for 30 seconds.

Yeast, sugar, salt and oil, oh my!

Part of me is always a little worried that the yeast won’t grow. Probably has to do with my tendency to kill all plants I try to grow. Sigh.

Prepped my colors while the dough was proving. I got these at Michaels over a year ago and they are magical! Neon color that has held up with every type of batter or dough I’ve put it in so far.

Playdoh or nah?

Whew. Taking a quick rest break after all that kneading. The recipe suggested 15 minutes or so per color for a solid color look, but I did about 7 minutes or so with each to get the tie dye look.

Aw yeahh.

I had a lot of fun with this step – you poke a hole in the middle of your dough ball and spin it on your finger so centrifical force creates the bagel shape!

Bubble, bubble, toil and trouble.

Don’t let the colors dissuade you – these are a rather quick and easy treat to whip up and the flavor and color potential is endless. Happy munching!

Extra cream cheese please!

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