Peach Blueberry Frangipane Galette

Feeling just peachy over here. # 265: Peach Blueberry Frangipane Galette

The wedding countdown is now in single digits – eek! I don’t have any time to bake right now, but I made this summery galette last week.

Peaches and blueberries and frangipane, oh my! I’m still more of a yellow nectarine girl, but a ripe peach is something special. I ap-peach-iate how they compliment the floral, mellow blueberries and melt into their almond custard pillow.

It’s always reassuring when I find already established recipes with the same flavor combo I’m aiming for. There’s nothing worse than putting a pile of gorgeous ripe fruit into a bake and having it turn out meh because of how I spiced it. Summer fruit deserves better!

But also, can you ever go wrong with an almond custard? Nope.

Galettes are perfect for when you want pie but don’t want to get fancy. My first galette was a happy pile of nectarines swaddled clumsily in a buttery pastry. They also hold other fillings really well – like frangipane or cheesecake.

A lot of my galettes end up turning into fruit pizzas because the crust doesn’t hold it’s shape. Still delicious, but so messy. This time, I put the ring from one of my springform pans around it and it worked like magic!

The calm before the flour storm.

I can’t actually use a pastry cutter on my counter – I’m too short! I have to move the bowl to the dining table where I have enough downward force to be effective.

More reasons to run the butter in by hand, I guess! Since it goes into the fridge for an hour nap before we use it, the heat from my hands wouldn’t make too much of a difference.

Snapped my fingers and it’s now flat! Obviously. You can trim the edges to make them even, but why not just lean into the rustic personality of a galette.

Frangipane is so fun to say.

Custard swoosh.

Oh hello, stars of the show!

Almond flour and sugar freckles.

Pausing to revel in how perfectly round this pile of fruit is. Ten points to frangipane for being the glue holding this illusion up.

All snuggled in.

Look at how plump and cute it is! It’s going to flatten and spread out in the oven so you have to pinch its cheeks now before it grows up.

A little egg wash, some fancy sliced almonds and a metal springform ring to keep her from spilling all her secrets.

Et voila!

A cube of ice cream! Tucker’s: defying shape norms and providing sage wisdom on eating priorities since day one.

I think I’m officially an Oaklander now, since I like Fentons’ vanilla a little better than Tucker’s.

How many of you see a fruit pac-man? You get an extra scoop of ice cream!

Happy munching!


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