Blueberry Cardamom Buns

Majestic blueberries on a cushion of cardamom brioche. # 226: Blueberry Cardamom Buns

Summer is flying at a crazy pace and I’m trying to fit in as much fresh fruit as possible! There will come a time (probably late September) when I’m over stone fruit, berries, tomatoes and zucchini, but right now I’m reveling in it all. Smitten Kitchen sent out a tomato-themed newsletter recently and I wanted to make everything in it!

I’m trying to find a way to work in a line about how blueberries are the new cherry on top of the sundae, but getting nowhere. I’ll let you know if inspiration strikes…

I had a pile of fresh blueberries and a hankering for a bready pastry. Nothing sprang to mind so off to Google I went and stumbled upon a blogger’s recipe for Finnish Blueberry Buns. I can’t find any direct connection to Finland specifically, but a cardamom-scented pillowy bun blends right in to a fika line-up. Cardamom has been the star of Scandinavian pastry traditions for so long that there are some conflicting stories about how it was originally introduced. Whether it was Vikings bringing cardamom over from Constantinople, or Moors bringing it to Europe and having it migrate north, it’s been a favorite Nordic ingredient for more than a thousand years.

Why does Norway have barcodes on all their ships?

So they can scan-da-navy-in!

Wow you’re still here! Your love of pastry must make you impervious to bad jokes.

It’s a very soft dough, but still surprisingly easy to work with.

This recipe has less eggs and butter than a traditional brioche, but is close enough to be an enriched sweet dough cousin.

Cardamom freckles.

Sleepy hunks of dough, post-nap.

They see me rollin’… around on a clean counter to build surface tension.


Almost like a bialy! But for blueberries instead of onions. (Don’t punch all the way through – you gotta trust that the indentation you’ve made will stay.)

Filling time! I’ve had to label my identical jars of corn starch and powdered sugar to keep from having a sugary snafu.

Both the sugar and the cornstarch help thicken the blueberry juice that tries to escape when the berries are blasted with heat. Heat is always the hidden ingredient – sneaky.

A little blueberry nook.

Two elements for a successful bun bake: egg wash and crossed fingers (that the berries don’t entirely explode in the oven!)


Bun kisses leave a fluffy (fully cooked) spot on the sides that I just love.

Glamour shot.

It’s almost jam in there, whew!

Happy munching!

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