Cheddar Shortbread

Two words for you: Savory. Shortbread. Where have these cheesy crumbly treats been all my life? 209: Cheddar Shortbread

Happy long weekend! If you need a break for all the chocolate and sweet treats, cheddar shortbread is here to save the day. It’s a slice-and-bake log dressed up in everything bagel seasoning. Plenty of onion, garlic and salt to give your tastebuds a breather before you dive back into your valentine’s day desserts.

Martha Collison posted this recipe a little while ago and they looked so yummy I had to try them. The word “toothsome” comes to mind even though I’ve never said it out loud in my life. One google search later and now I know it means “temptingly tasty” – how perfect! Vocab word of the day.

I used extra sharp cheddar for these bebes, but any type would work! If you haven’t tried the Unexpected Cheddar from Trader Joe’s, drop everything and go get some. It’s truly so good.

I need more recipes that call for paprika! I forgot that buying the extra-large spice container is entering a committed relationship.

Any Valentine’s / Galentine’s plans? Nate and I went on a big hike this morning so we could justify all the take-out and desserts we’re crushing tonight. Food is the way to both our hearts so we went a little crazy with pizza and cake pops!

The recipe suggested a food processor, but rubbing the butter in by hand works just as well and leaves less dishes. Plus it feels like a kids art project! Win-win.

Add the cheese in a lil water to bring it together. Such a happy shade of yellow!

Parchment paper worked like magic! It’s sturdy enough that you can use it to shape the dough into a log, then you just twist the ends like an old-fashioned candy and pop it in the fridge to chill.

Glue time (it’s milk I promise!) This really is a kindergarten art project, hehe.


Slice and bake, in all its glory.

They look almost the same post-bake! But they have a lovely crisp texture and that yummy density of a shortbread cookie.

Happy munching!

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