Cocoa Cinnamon Star Bread

Happy New Year! Kicking off the decade with more butter, chocolate, and sparklers, of course. # 155: Cocoa Cinnamon Star Bread

You all ready for a new decade? Still trying to wrap my head around it. Here’s a list of 2020 goals I came up with while this loaf was baking:

  • Minimize my single-use plastic usage – foil and glass are not only endlessly reusable, they’re also 100% recyclable when they break/rip
  • Reduce food waste wherever possible – leftovers rock!
  • Support female-identifying artists/authors of color by buying/reading their work
  • Go from one vegetarian day a week to 2-3 per week
  • Shopping local as much as possible instead of ordering from Amazon
  • Finding more ways to give back! Such as volunteering my time when I don’t have money to donate
  • Only buying used clothing so I don’t support the damaging fast fashion industry

Cheers to making a difference this year! Even in my own small way.

Anywho, back to baking! This delightful star bread has been on my list for a super long time and it was the perfect bake to round out the year. Fluffy challah dough and a sweet cocoa filling, dressed to the nines with glittery powdered sugar. The glitter cornstarch didn’t show up in pictures but it added a fun effect in person!

Honey, butter and eggs make this yeast dough rich and delicious. I think I’ve officially landed on my favorite challah recipe – same one I used for these cute little buns. It’s low-maintenance and consistent, providing the perfect base for fun flavors and fillings.

Captain Dough Hook, at your service.

*Best Professor Lockhart voice* It’s just like magic!

All poofy after it’s nap.

Oh hello there! Ready to roll.

I love using the inner wooden rolling pin for soft dough like challah. It gives you more control and it feels more hands-on!

Cocoa, cinnamon, sugar and butter. What more could a girl ask for?

Four layers later, here we are! Like a strange bread cake.

Use #1,749 for my 2.5 inch round cookie cutter. I used the pastry scraper to slice the 16 sections – it was tidier than my first attempt with a serrated bread knife.

Oo la la!

A twisty bread octopus, ready for some egg wash and trip to the sauna.

Don’t drool on your keyboard, it’s hard to clean.

Sparkle, sparkle everywhere.

All it needs is a glass of champagne. (Or a big mug of tea!)

Happy munching!

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