Snowflake Cookies

Happy National Cookie Day! Hope you’re celebrating appropriately, cookie in hand. # 150: Snowflake Cookies

A quick rainy day post to celebrate the yummiest national day of the year! Also to kick off cookie season. Gotta go stock up on butter and sugar – there are many cookies in my future.

The universe was telling me to make these: I had some cocoa sable cookies in the freezer calling my name, and leftover royal icing from decorating cookies for one of my mom’s events. Twas meant to be!

No two snowflakes are the same, right? The cookies are actually leftover bases from my Domed Mousse Tarts and they are super simple to make. Bonus: they also freeze really well!

Always make sure to pipe a border before flooding your royal icing – otherwise it’ll run everywhere! Check out post #93 (Fun with Royal Icing) for a recipe.

I just add a tiny splash of water to the icing to get it to a perfect flooding consistency. You could also use an extract if you want to add a fun flavor! Almond or mint could be really yummy depending on the type of cookie. Either way, you want to only put a little liquid in so it still holds it’s shape. Use a toothpick or skewer to push the icing where you want it to go.

Pop the bubbles before the icing sets!

I didn’t wait until it was fully set to pip on the designs but it worked out fine. If you want to swirl colors or make a galaxy design of some sort, you’ll want to flood both colors at the same time so they swirl before setting.

A few notes for next time:

  • Use a slightly smaller piping tip, allowing for a more intricate design
  • Wait til the base icing is fully dry before decorating on top

Blurry, happy gingerbread cookie decorating with Mom! We went simple and decorated the iced trees with sprinkles instead of more icing designs.

Happy munching!

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