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Kürtőskalács – Hungarian Chimney Cakes

Brrr, this weather calls for a big mug of tea and some spiral doughnuts dusted with cocoa, cinnamon and sprinkles. # 102: Kürtőskalács – Hungarian Chimney Cakes Remember a year ago when I justified buying the metal cannoli forms by promising that I would make chimney cakes with them? Well my friends, I’ve done just that. A year later, but still counts!

They are an Eastern European treat, traditionally cooked on a spit over an open fire. That gives them a crispy exterior and leaving the inside soft and doughy. Since I didn’t want to burn my apartment down, I chose to bake them in the oven instead. Oo idea: it could be a really fun campfire treat in place of s’mores! The scent was heavenly. As you pull apart the swirl, cocoa and cinnamon steam wafts up in an intoxicating cloud. I want to make them again just for the smell! Halfway through mise en place. I got these giant metal bowls at Ikea in college and they’re so fun to use. They’re really big and they feel super professional! Happy, bubbly yeast. It was such a sticky dough! I prefer mixing by hand for finicky doughs – it’s way easier to tell when it’s ready. After a snuggly rise time, I cut it into fourths. It looks a bit like fresh pasta, doesn’t it? So delicate though – it would stretch and rip if I held it up too long. A myriad of toppings: cinnamon sugar, sprinkles, and cocoa cinnamon sugar. I coated most in cocoa, but you could even go crazy and mix them all together! So festive! *cue John Legend’s Christmas album* Melted butter is the perfect sprinkle glue. I only have 4 cannoli forms, so it was a slow process.. giving me plenty of time to unpack xmas ornaments and decorate the apartment! Voila! Another quirky and fun way to get cocoa and butter into your mouth. Happy munching! Recipe mostly from:

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