These little triangle cookies are pockets of poppy seeds, dates or whatever your heart desires. # 89: Hamantaschen


After years of eating them, I finally made them! Hamantaschen are a traditional cookie served around the Jewish holiday, Purim. The name translates from Yiddish to either “Haman’s ears” or “Haman’s hat” and they are supposed to symbolize the triumph over the villain of the Purim story, Haman. He supposedly wore a three-pointed hat, hence the classic triangular shape of the cookie. (It makes less sense if you choose the “Haman’s ears” translation – did he have pointy elf ears? But I digress.)

I love the idea of symbolizing triumph by eating mini versions of someone’s hat. Good thing he didn’t wear a fedora . . . that would take the cookie construction to a whole new level!


And let me introduce my new favorite spoon! There was a custom spoon engraving station at the Eat Real festival in Jack London Square this weekend, so obviously I had to get one made. I honestly might hang it on the wall instead of actually using it. It’s just too cute.


It’s a super basic sweet dough: butter, sugar, baking powder, flour, egg and salt. Could be fun to throw in some spices in the future! Cardamom, cinnamon, etc. It all depends on what the filling consists of though – you wouldn’t want a flavor war.

20180916121643_IMG_7745.JPG So floof.


All wrapped up and ready to chill.


I made the fillings while waiting for the dough to chill. I happened to have dates and poppy seeds on hand, so I chose to make two fillings:

  • Date, orange & cinnamon
  • Poppy seed & honey


It smelled like cozy holiday cheer while this was simmering. I can’t wait for mulled apple cider!


I used a potato masher to get it closer to the consistency of jam instead of preserves. I still don’t have a spice mill, so my poppyseed filling had a decided crunchy texture, which I really liked. It contrasted nicely with the smooth buttery texture of the cookie dough.


Rolled out to a quarter inch thick – it’ll rise a little bit in the oven.


Cute lil scalloped edges.


The egg wash helped glue the corners shut. Make sure to leave a window for the filling to peak out! Time to pop them in the oven.


And voila! Hamantaschen, ready for munching.


Just like tiny pies. Happy munching!

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