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Chocolate Palmiers

The palmier cookie is truly the Cinderella of leftover puff pastry. # 80: Chocolate Palmiers

Is it possible to be messy and elegant at the same time? If so, I think these cookies have done it: melty chocolate butter is oozing everywhere, and delicate layers of crispy, flaky puff pastry curled into swirls.

I had a hefty pile of rough puff pastry leftover from making the tarte tatin. There’s no waste in my kitchen so I dived into researching palmier recipes. The name ‘palmier’ means ‘palm frond’ in French, referencing the broad curled shape of the cookie. I grew up calling then elephant ear cookies and I typically picked other pastries over them due to their conspicuous lack of chocolate. (One of my life mottos is still: the more chocolate the better.)

I re-rolled the remainder of the dough into a single rectangle.

Had a little too much fun with the filling… maybe I should call these zebra palmiers!

Three folds later – ta-daa! Starting to see how the cookies will look at the end.

I flipped them halfway through to get them golden and crispy on both sides.

Chocolate-y swirls, ready for munching!

If you already have puff pastry (homemade or frozen – no judgement) these can be made in less than 20 minutes. That’s what I call a magical cookie. Happy munching!

Rough puff pastry recipe from:

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